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  • Seventh Annual ZAH Day - June 28, 2014

    2014 ZAH Day Update:
    Hello Friends,

    It's that time of year again. This year for the 7th annual Zahday we will be going back to the where it all started, to honor Zach’s service to all of us, Pike run Golf club. We are still sorting out food details and we will be updating this site as soon as we organize more, but you can mark your calendars with the time and place. June 28, 1:00 PM. I know, I know that the plan was to always have it on the third weekend in June, but we had to make additional accommodations this year due to our new partner, so we moved to the 4th weekend, my apologies to those whose schedules have been wrecked. Wait did he say partner? Yes, this year I am pleased to announce that we are doing a joint event with another fantastic foundation, First Fold. First fold is a recently established organization whose mission is “The preservation of the memory of those who perished and their sacrifice in the fight to preserve life and our freedom, to insure that they will not be forgotten….” You can check out their link for more details. http://firstfold.org/ They offer information and memorabilia on their site and they are stepping up our game this year for Zahday. With their involvement, Zahday for the first time will have some sponsorship from local companies to help raise donation funds and to offset the cost of the attendance. They intend to use these media events to promote their mission all across the country and Zach’s a Hero Day is just the first stop. We hope for a large showing this year so please feel free to spread the word, sign up for your T-shirt www.zahday.com, get your friends out and help us to remember Zach and his other fallen brothers.

    Kurt Nienberg